"Communications is in a race to catch up with other business functions that have focused earlier and more consistently on digitizing their processes and generally working with data. This is the only way we can communicate efficiently, prove our value contribution and become management's trusted advisor."


Consulting is a matter of trust. Success is based on shared values, an understanding of the power that comes from good communication, and the will to change.

Whose project is this anyway?

My understanding of good consulting is that the client is visibly and unquestionably in charge of the project at all times. The consultancy does not loudly lead the word, but supports the management efficiently in its task

No armada of PowerPoint junkies

Who doesn't know them, the armada of consultants who build fantastic PPTX slides but get their knowledge from books or university seminars. Decades in management responsibility in communication shape my background and my clients benefit from this wealth of experience.

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